Unique and lesser known Indian sweets

As different as their name, as unique and rich is their taste and sweetness

As expansive the Indian cuisine, the vast are the varieties of sweets made all around the country. While there are the famous gulab jamun, jalebi or kajukatli, there are a host of other unique sweet dishes not known about. Made pretty much with similar ingredients, one must try these sweets.

Resembling a crepe, it is filled with coconut and condensed milk mixture flavored with cardamom. This sweet dish of Bengalis is lesser-known but as delicious as rosogulla, in fact, more than that. The crepe is light in texture which is complemented with the sweetness of the grated coconut.

It is the Marathi name of sweet steamed pudding that is made from the colostrum milk of a cow. It is so soft and delicious that it literally melts in the very first bite. Packed with a lot of nutrition, it is also known as Posu and Ginnu.

Gokak Karadantu
Meaning ‘fried edible gum’, it is from the Gokak region of Karnataka. A delectable mix of jaggery, raisins, cashew nuts, copra, peanuts, nutmeg, and other dried fruits is deep-fried in ghee making into a unique edible gum.

Parwal Mithai
Yeah,the parwal vegetable is a delicious loved sweet of Bihar. With a stuffing of tender cooked mixed with flavourful soft khoya, Parwal Ki Mithai is tasteful.

Also known as bibik or bebinka, it is a seven-layered cake made with plain flour, sugar, ghee, egg yolk, and coconut milk. It is a traditional Goan layer cake derived from Indo-Portuguese cuisine, often served with ice-cream.

Dumplings made of rice and curd, deep-fried in ghee and then sweetened in sugar syrup, topped with roasted nuts, Dehrori is a native of delicacy from Chattisgarh. Typically it is accompanied by a glass of buttermilk and regulates the body temperature in the dry summers.

This is Assam’s sweet treat is made with bora rice, or sun-dried xaalisaul rice, or both with a stuffing of grated coconut mixed with dried nuts and jaggery. It is mostly steamed or pan-fried. There are many versions to Assamese Pitha, like Tilpitha, Ghilapitha, Sungapitha, and Dhuppitha all about the kind of stuffing you put.

Naap Naang
Absolutelyunique delicious sweet dish is from Nagaland and is a kind of pudding made from black sticky rice flavoured with sweet nuts. It is full of fiber and even safe for diabetic people as the black sticky rice slowly releases sugar on digestion.

Few other sweet dishes are MadhurjaanThongbaElaneerPayasam, Chena Poda, Ada Pradhaman, Raskadam, Putarekelu, Maa Vilakku, Purnamburelu  Patoleo, and Sel Roti among others.

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