Twitter To Introduce 15-Sec Forward, Back Buttons Along With Pic In Pic Mode

Twitter boss Elon Musk has said the microblogging platform will add 15-second forward and back seek buttons during video playback, along with picture-in-picture mode for users to watch while scrolling.

Replying to a user on Twitter who asked Musk to add 15-second forward and back seek buttons, he said, “Coming next week, along with pic in pic, so you can watch while scrolling".

About the new feature:

Picture-in-picture (PiP) mode shrinks a video into a small player so users can keep watching while using other apps on their mobile devices.

Moreover, these new features will enable users to seamlessly watch videos while scrolling through their timelines.

Feedback from the users:

Several users expressed their thoughts on this development on Twitter.

“Thanks. Exactly this feature is one I too want and thought was lacking," a user commented.

“Thank you, I skip so many videos because of this," another user said.

One more user wrote, “All these suggestions are pretty much “make it as good as YouTube" - I wonder how much it would cost to clone YouTube’s features probably cheaper now with AI helping to code".

Other important developments:

Meanwhile, Twitter is gearing up to take on YouTube as it has now allowed paid users to upload videos up to two hours in length on the platform.

The microblogging platform also changed its Twitter Blue page and announced that the video file size limit for paid users has been raised from 2GB to 8GB.

The tech billionaire had also announced the voice and video chat feature earlier this month, along with other features such as encrypted DMs.

In April, Twitter rolled out Subscriptions -- a feature that allows content creators to charge people for providing access to exclusive tweets across text, images and long-form videos, special badges and subscriber-only live audio sessions through Twitter Spaces.

Last month, Musk claimed that most of the advertisers who had left the platform after the acquisition have either come back or said they are coming back, apart from a few exceptions. He also touted increased usage and decent growth on the platform in the past few months, without disclosing any specifics.