Twitter Looking to Re-Hire Employees After Elon Musk Admits Some Wrong Firings

Elon Musk recently revealed that some of the employees should not have been sacked last year.

In an interview with CNBC’s David Faber after the latest Tesla shareholder meeting, Twitter honcho Elon Musk finally confirmed that the company is all set to re-hire some of the employees that were laid off in the past few months. Musk admitted that some of the firings were not done in the correct manner, and the social media company shouldn’t have fired too many people.

He also mentioned that the decision to lay off was not correct, adding that some of the employees should not have been sacked last year at the time when he was cutting down on its workforce. Nonetheless, he backed his decision, stating that they were nothing but desperate measures to save Twitter financially.

Musk's statement

"Desperate times call for desperate measures... Unfortunately, if you do it fast, there are some babies who will be thrown out," Musk said. He added that Twitter is planning to bring back some of the employees, which means that he is looking to correct his actions. But the question remains whether those laid-off employees are interested in coming back to Twitter and working under Elon Musk or not. It cannot go unnoticed that a lot of people have criticised Musk for his work ethics and rules during his early leadership at Twitter.

Twitter lay-offs in the recent past

For those who are unaware, Elon Musk took control of Twitter back in October 2022, and he laid off a lot of employees in November last year. He announced the layoff of almost 50 percent of employees, and there were even reports that he fired those workers who went against him or criticised him on Twitter.

In fact, Twitter’s workforce dropped from 100 percent to 20 percent after several employees were fired by Musk. The company reportedly currently has 1,500 workers, which is down from 7,800.

In the interview, Musk also talked about his views on the work from home policy and added that it is not morally correct and that people are able to deliver better results when working from the office.

"I am a big believer that people are more productive when they are in person. It’s a bit like the fake Marie Anotoinette quote ‘let them eat cake’. Really, you’re gonna work from home? And you’re gonna make everyone else who made your car come work at the factory? The people who make your food that gets delivered, they can’t work from home? The people who fix your house, they can’t work from home but you can? Does that seem morally right? It’s messed up," Musk signed off.