Top Transfer Targets This Winter

This winter, football clubs are on the hunt to find their next bigshot. The question is; who are the potential targets?

Like every year, this year’s winter for the football clubs is all about spending money strategically, using time wisely and bringing in players quickly. Almost all the clubs of Europe’s top five leagues are doing all they can to change their fortunes in the second half of the leagues. The question is; who are the players under their radar?

Why thisarticle is worth your time? 

If you are a football fan, you should know which player is joining which team. If you are not a football fan, you should still know about the transfer developments. Reason? Well, football is a sport that involves money. In short, there are several companies who are stakeholders of some teams; companies on which you have invested your earnings. A player joining or leaving the club could alter the financial situation of the club, stakeholders and yours.

Philippe Coutinho could be sold

One of the most expensive players at Barcelona, the former Barcelona management did not use Coutinho intelligently because of which he never tasted success. At present, he is getting more time under the leadership of Xavi, but given the financial crisis at Nou Camp, an expensive player like Coutinho could be on his way out.

Fiorentina’s DusanVlahovic is one of the hottest assets at present

Aged 21, DusanVlahovic has already proved to be one of the best players of Serie A. One of the hottest assets in European club football at present, several clubs such as Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Tottenham and more have their eyes on the youngster. However, Fiorentina will not allow the player to leave until the club is paid a hefty amount.

Dele Alli needs a new dressing room

Four years ago, a 21-year-old Dele Alli set the Premier League on fire. Not to forget, his worth was easily over 100 million US dollars. In 2022, at the age of 25, no top club wants him; thanks to his drop in form. Mid-table clubs such as Everton, West Ham and Newcastle United have been linked to the attacking midfielder in the recent past.

Last but not the least, some more players that are presently under the radar of several clubs are Anthony Martial, Kieran Trippier, Paul Pogba, Frenkie de Jong, ErlingHaaland, KylianMbappe and Christian Pulisic.

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