Top Speeds Recorded in F1, MotoGP & More

Formula One is considered the fastest motorsport on earth. However, several other motorsports in the world can almost match the top speed record of Formula One Motorsports are loved and heavily followed in the world because of the speed and thrill they put on the plate. The danger associated with the sport makes it more popular in the hearts and minds of the people. In short, the faster the motorsport; the more the danger. So, in the world of motorsports, what are the fastest speed records we have witnessed so far? Scroll down to know all about them. What is the importance of this article? Formula One is considered the fastest motorsport on earth and there are several people who are aware of the speeds touched in F1. Not to forget, several people believe other motorsports are not fast enough. Therefore, in this article, we have not merely mentioned the top speed record of Formula One but several other motorsports such as MotoGP, IndyCar and NASCAR. In 2016, Valtteri Bottas shocked the world In 2016, Valtteri Bottas was a driver of the UK-based Williams F1 team. That year, Valtteri Bottas set the highest top speed record in Formula One’s history. During the Mexican Grand Prix in the Williams car powered by an engine sourced from Mercedes, Bottas touched the 372.5 kilometres per hour mark. However, off the track, an F1 car from Honda did 397.36 kilometres per hour. Johann Zarco on a motorcycle got close to the record of F1’s Bottas In 2021, at the Losail International Circuit, Pramac Ducati’s racer Johann Zarco created a new top speed record in MotoGP. During the FP4 round, Zarco hit a top speed of 362.4 kilometres per hour; 10 kilometres per hour away from F1’s Bottas. Before him, MotoGP’s official top speed record was 356.7 kilometres per hour set by Andrea Dovizioso in 2019 at the Mugello. IndyCar achieved more speed than F1 and NASCAR did a fine 340

In 1996, Arie Luyendyk drove an IndyCar for four laps. It was a qualifying round for the Indy 500 that Luyendyk completed in 2 minutes and 31.908 seconds; a record that is intact to date. In those four laps, he managed to strike an average top speed of 381.391 kilometres per hour. Last but not the least, NASCAR touched a fine top speed of 342.482 kilometres per hour in 1987.