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Return of Ford? Let's Look at Most Iconic Models in India

While Ford’s comeback will still take time, let us recall some legendary Ford cars sold in India

American car manufacturing company Ford is set to make a comeback in India after the company exited the nation in September 2021. However, as of now, the exact timeline of the company’s comeback cannot be determined. Multiple reports suggest that Ford will return to India in 2025 with its Everest SUV, which in our country was sold as the Endeavour. Given there is no confirmation from the company’s end regarding its future plans, in the following paragraphs, let’s revisit some of the most iconic Ford cars sold in India. 

Ford Ecosport

The India of 2024 is crazy about SUVs, especially compact SUVs. Much may not remember that this trend was actually started by Ford in 2013 when the company launched the Ecosport subcompact SUV. The car was available in multiple engine variants, such as a 1.5 litre, four-cylinder Petrol engine, a 1.0 litre turbocharged, three-cylinder Ecoboost Petrol engine, and a 1.5 litre, four-cylinder Diesel engine. The car was supposed to receive a facelift in India in 2021, but Ford’s exit also saw the Ecosport leave the Indian shores.

Ford Endeavour 

When the majority of car enthusiasts in India did not know the meaning of an SUV, Ford took the risk and launched the Endeavour in 2003. The car quickly gained fame and became one of the most loved SUVs for those with too much moolah in their pockets. If the Endeavour makes a comeback, it is expected to be powered by a 2.0 litre, turbo-diesel (optional single/twin turbo) and a 3.0 litre, V6 turbo-diesel powertrain. 

Ford Ikon

In 1995, Ford made its debut in India in collaboration with Mahindra by launching the Escort. Unfortunately, the car did not work in India, so the company brought the Ford Fiesta Mark IV-based Ikon to India in 1999. Back then, the car was launched with three engine options such as a 1.3 litre, four-cylinder petrol engine, a 1.8 litre, four-cylinder diesel engine, and a 1.6 litre, four-cylinder petrol engine. The car quickly gained the moniker ‘Josh Machine’ in India. However, within ten years, the Ikon was killed because, in the price-sensitive Indian market, the car was neither economical nor pocket-friendly in terms of maintenance. Nonetheless, it remains an iconic car in the hearts and minds of Indian car enthusiasts. 

Ford Figo

Ford has always tried to give the Indian market something new. Back in 2004, Ford launched the Fusion hatchback, one of the most premium hatchbacks India has ever witnessed. Unfortunately, the price-sensitive Indian market did not pay for the Fusion, and the arrival of Swift in 2005 cut short the Fusion’s journey. In 2009, Ford, with a new strategy, launched the Figo, which is a car that is less premium than the Fusion but has a decent overall package. While the Figo was available in multiple engine options, the diesel model was most loved among Indian enthusiasts. 

Ford Fiesta

Last but not least, the Ford Fiesta certainly deserves a place on our list. The car was a sibling of the Ikon but had a more mature driving setup and was launched in 2005. From a 1.4 Duratoq Diesel engine to a remapped ECU and exclusive Aquarius Blue colour, the car received significant updates from time to time and showed Indians how a sporty sedan should behave.