Top Flex-Fuel Vehicle Manufacturers in the World

Since flex-fuel engines are an adequate substitute for gasoline-powered engines, these car brands from various countries are doing their best to establish a flex fuelled car market in the world Over the past few seasons, flex-fuel or flex fuelled engines have risen into the talk of the town. All the major vehicle manufacturers have indeed ventured into the neighbourhood of electric vehicles to tame the growing pollution. However, in 2021, it seems that apart from electric automobiles, flex-fuel engines could be an adequate substitute for gasoline-powered engines. For those unversed souls who are not aware of what a flex-fuel engine is, it is a type of engine which runs on over one kind of fuel. In simple terms, it uses a mixture of petrol/diesel and ethanol/methanol. Out of several car manufacturing companies, a few have contributed their time and fund on research and development to design cars with flex-fuel engines. In this article, we’ve listed some top flex-fuel vehicle manufacturers in the world. Mercedes- The German car manufacturer is known for manufacturing luxury cars with hefty price-tags. Apart from gasoline-powered cars, Mercedes has several electric vehicles on offer. Moving on to flex-fuelled cars, the company’s GLE350 SUV is up for grabs in a flex-fuel avatar in several countries. Apart from the GLE350, the GLA250 model is also available in a flex-fuel avatar. Ford Motor Company- Another popular name in the world of automobiles, the Ford Motor Company is deeply committed to bringing down the pollution levels and therefore, they have several electric vehicles and flex fuelled vehicles on offer. In fact, would you believe us if we say that in 1990, lakhs of Ford Taurus were equipped with flex-fuel engines? In recent times, the Escape model from Ford featured a flex-fuel variant. Nissan- From the land of Japan, Nissan is a renowned car manufacturer who has ruled the automobile industry for generations. The company ventured into the field of flex-fuel cars before 2015 with the Titan and the Armada models. Apart from these two models, it also had the Frontier pickup truck with a flex-fuel configuration. The company manufactures cars in over 20 countries and caters to around 160 countries, so we expect Nissan to launch more models with flex-fuel engines.