Top 5 Spine chilling K-drama thrillers that you cannot miss

K-dramas are simply addictive, be it a saccharine dipped romantic comedy with an ounce of yearning and angst or the spine-chilling South Korean thrillers which transport the viewers in its own world of mystery and mayhem. If you have already started your Korean drama binge or are looking for a new exciting series to delve deep, look no further. We present you the best and latest of K-drama thrillers, a must watch list for every Korean culture enthusiast. Extracurricular Extracurricular Is not your regular K-drama with a usual plotline of an ideal hero. Here, the protagonist is unpredicted, leads a double life every day where the highschooler gets praise from school for being the exemplary student but he also gets involved in a series of unfortunate incidents. This dark, eerie drama gains momentum when a classmate digs into the life of the protagonist and he must find a way out of the blackmails. Vagabond Vagabond brings the best of romance with the best suspense thriller in the same drama with a swoon-worthy casting of Bae Suzy and Lee Seung-gi. While the romantic storyline helps break the monotony of suspense, it is the hero’s fight to win over corruption and the need to do the right thing remains the highlight. One of the must watch for all K-drama lovers! Sweet Home Sweet Home of Netflix is an apocalyptic horror/thriller which will keep you hooked throughout. Tenants of a certain building are having to move out in a time where the outside is filled with humans turned to scary looking monsters. The protagonist, Cha Hyun-So (Song Kang) is a teen who shows all characteristics of turning into a grotesque monster but fights his hardest till the end not to become one. Will be successful in maintaining his humanity? Or, will he be able to help all the tenants survive the apocalypse? Tell Me What You Saw Tell Me What You Saw delivers on its name of being a definite suspense thriller as the gritty plotline doesn’t differ anywhere in the series. The protagonist who was once known as the expert at solving cold cases has taken hiatus due to an unfortunate tragedy where he lost his  fiancée in an explosion set by a serial killer. But a similar case appears after a while and the detective must help the case to bring justice to the victims. Save Me ‘Save Me’ is a classic horror/ mystic drama which will definitely make you double-check the end of your bed or leave you with an impact even after finishing the drama. The plotline revolves around a family who moves to a lesser known town after their business fails and comes across a religious cult where mysterious things start to happen. The plot reaches the peak of tension when the son of the family dies by suicide and things totally start to spiral down. The daughter tries her best to get herself out of the town by taking help from classmates that she met on the first day. To conclude the list, here are some more honourable mentions that are definitely filled with suspense---Kingdom, Watcher, Rugaland Defendant.