Top 5 cities for cheap street food in India

With a wide variety of foods, India is a culinary heaven for sure! And when it comes to street food, the country offers so much that one can never get enough! In this article, we will discuss the top five Indian cities that provide mouth-watering street food at reasonable prices. India boasts an excellent amalgamation of many different cultures. So, it comes as no surprise that every region here has a special cuisine - which is delicious in its way. And when it's about food, we just cannot help but talk about street food, as it's affordable, and also satisfying for both your soul as well as appetite. No matter which city in India you visit, exploring the street food there should be on the top of your bucket list. And if you want to visit the cities where the street food is exceptionally cheap, start with the following ones. Kolkata has something for every type of foodie Rightly called the City of Joy, Kolkata is a city where you can get a full meal at just 20 rupees! The variety of street food here is quite impressive - such as Kachori, Kathi Roll, Phuchka, Jhalmuri, Cutlet, Rasgulla, and more. For the best experience, head to Dacres Lane, Rasbihari, Shyambazar, etc. Delhi is filled with the aura of street food Delhi is referred to by many as the food capital of India. The narrow lanes across Old Delhi are packed with eateries that serve a huge range of street food at affordable prices. Some of the must-try items here are Chaat, Chole Kulche, Pav Bhaji, Kebabs, Butter Chicken, Jalebi, etc. Also, the vibrant atmosphere adds a magical touch to your food experiences. Lucknow is known for "Nawabi" food If you want to experience the best Awadhi cuisine, visit Lucknow at least once. The centuries-old lanes across the city boast a special vibe that is hard to ignore! The best food places are Hazratganj, Aminabad, Dastarkhwan, etc. Tunday is a must-try item here, while the list also includes Chat, Nihari, Galawati Kebab, Halwa, Kulfi, and more. Amritsar is the ultimate destination to explore Punjabi cuisine Amritsar is mostly popular as a pilgrimage destination. Keeping that aside, the city is also top-rated when it comes to serving cheap yet mouth-watering street food. The dishes are prepared with desi ghee - which is the secret behind their magical taste. Here, you should not miss Kulche, Tikka, Kebab, Butter Chicken, Jalebi, Lassi, etc. Indore's street foods are rich in a variety of flavors The street food in Indore has its root based in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, and Maharashtra. But still, it stands apart due to its usage of herbs & spices. After reaching there, just head to Sarafa Bazaar and dive into the world of mouth-watering delicacies. The must-try items here are Khatta Samosa, Moong Bhajiya, Dahi Vada, Jalebi, Kulfi Faluda, etc. Some other cities on this list are Mumbai, Hyderabad, Shillong, etc.