Tissue salts and their homeopathy benefits

We have been using tissue salts since our childhood. Well, we called it homeopathic medicines! Not many of us knew that homeopathic medicines are actually made of tissue salts, which was at first used in the 19th century, by Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler. These tissue salts are helpful in supporting our health and helps in the process of healing by regulating the mineral levels of our cells. Mainly there are 12 tissue salts used in homeopathy, each of which offers a variety of benefits to our body. Let us have a look at each of them. Calcium Sulphate It eradicates impurities from blood, purifies it and reduces infection of wounds, ulcers and abscesses. It is also used to treat skin disorders like boils, acne. Cold or sore throat can also be cured by calc sulph.  Calcium Fluoride Calc. Fluor is basically a bone and tissue strengthener. It helps rejuvenate muscles, weak bones, poor teeth enamel. Hernia pain and tissue elasticity are also cured with this tissue salt. Calcium Phosphate This is essential for helping with fractures and also in restoring the digestive system. It can also be taken to treat anemia and poor growth in children. Teeth decaying can be prevented with it. Kali Mur Used as a blood purifier, Kali Mur is useful for skin diseases and infections. In case there is swelling due to tonsil, it will cure that too. Bronchitis, head colds, are also a part of its treatment skills. Indigestion is also minimized by using Kali Mur. Ferrous Phosphate It works as an anti-inflammatory agent, if there is some swollen, red, painful area on the skin. Moreover, it reduces fever, clears laryngitis and sore throats. If there is a continuous bleeding, this tissue salt can help in reducing it and will accelerate healing. Since it supplies oxygen to cells, it helps in treating anaemia. Kali Phosphate It reduces anxiety, nervousness. Boosts memory and relieves headaches. Asthma and insomnia equally benefit from Kali Phosphate. Kali Sulphate Known to heal skin, balance metabolism, reduce pancreas issues and treat digestive issues. Magnesium Phosphate It eases spasms, reduces pain and cramps in nerves or muscles. Headaches and coughs are also relieved from it. Nat Mur This one helps in digestion, treats eczema, reduces water retention and distributed body fluid equally. Cold, fever, constipation is also cured by it. Nat Sulphate This is most beneficial for kidney, liver or intestinal diseases. Also helps in treating asthma. Nat Phosphate It is used to neutralize acidity and treats nausea, arthritis, and also indigestion. Morning sickness also benefits from this tissue salt. Silica Used mainly to treat skin diseases, and acts as a blood purifier. Boosts tissue, hair, nail and bone strength. Some good deal of knowledge gained indeed!