Tired of Reading About How You Became a Millionaire?

Since the last few decades some ‘Do it Yourself’ suggestions are floating about like- “Wait for your parents to Die, and then you will Inherit their Estate”; “Create More than you Consume”; and Now, “Set up a YouTube Channel or a Blog, telling People How to Get Rich”. All these advises are very nice, but “Thank You! No, Thank You!” Why is that?  Because, the GenX is tired of such advises which are nothing but only Talk! Who wants to wait a lifetime for their parents to die, so that they become rich! The second advice by Jeff Bezos is identically unsuitable, which he himself does not follow. Let’s come to the third advice: Let person A create a Blog or a YouTube Channel telling people how to make millions and it becomes instant Hit! Very well. A immediately starts earning money in hordes. But what about person B, who listens to A and creates another Blog or YouTube channel! Nobody listens to him! There is only so many blank spaces to fill up. So, it does not work for person B. Thus, if one advises us to be creative and use our imagination just as he has done, it may satisfy our creative hunger, but not necessarily it will make us wealthy.  There are some suggestions of selling cheap plastic materials online, which may or may not make us rich. Sometimes some people give us speeches on “High Thinking, Simple Living” and “Money Does Not Matter”, which is very nice to hear off course! But can we live without money? We need food for our body, roof over our heads, clothes to wear, medicine for diseases. Nothing is free! For everything we need money. So, money Does Matter! Otherwise, we can’t survive. This can be supported by Economic Theories also. During the last few decades there has been large anomaly in distribution of wealth throughout the world. For example, in USA, ten percent of population accumulated major fraction of national wealth in 1989. This ten percent population are growing richer day by day, whereas the majority of the population becoming poorer day by day. Whereas world’s top hundred rich people are enjoying ninety percent of wealth, most of the population are struggling even for clean air and water, let alone full meal! There has been discrimination over race and colour too.