Tips to teach school students in a better way.

Teaching is an art. A good teacher is not someone who knows well but can teach well.

The traditional method of black-board teaching has gone. In today’s world, the concept of teaching has changed a lot. The main motto behind the change is to create a better understanding among the students so that they can be involved in the class and understand the new concepts better. But what changes should be made in classroom teaching? In this article, we are going to discuss a few tips to make teaching-learning interesting, especially for school students. So, let’s get started-

Create a friendly bonding with your students, even after the class

Can you imagine your teacher with big round eyes and a stick in hand? Previously you could but not any more in this era of new teaching methods. Now, maintaining a good relationship with students is the key to a happy and productive classroom. Because fear can’t bring you the same result that love and friendliness can. Therefore, you should talk to them and be their friend, especially at their hard times, so that they are not hesitant in front of you.

Use the technology to attract them into teaching.

You should grab the attention of your student in the lesson and what can be better in this process than using technologies. The new generation of students are in love with the technologies for so many reasons, like it always reduces their workload, and they can understand lessons effortlessly. So, the usage of technologies like projectors, T.V screens, laptops and the internet is very much recommended. Smartboard communicating displays can also do amazing things in this matter.

Focus on classroom interactions

The ambience of the classroom should not get hegemonic where the communication is always one-sided (from teacher to the students). The entire session should be interactive where the communication must be both sided. In this way, the teacher is able to know about the level of understanding of his/her students, and students can also convey their opinion regarding the topic.

Storytelling and role-playing method are good as well

Students love stories. Telling some stories related to the topic does not only increase their levels of understanding but also removes the boredom of a long class. Sometimes a teacher can also assign roles and make the students act accordingly for a better understanding of the topic.

So, are you willing to be a teacher? You can try these tips to have a good classroom atmosphere with creative students. You are lastly, wishing you all the best in your teaching career.

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