Tips To Deck Up Your Instagram Account For Better Response

If you’re on Instagram to promote your business, you’ll know that it’s much more than an app for saving all your best product photos. It’s an effective instrument for building your brand and growing an online following.

With 1 billion users who use Instagram each month, it’s an app with many potentials. To reap the benefits, you don’t need an audience. You require involvement. You’ll need shares, comments, likes, comments, and other indicators that show that your content resonates with the people who read it.
Engagement is of paramount importance, and it only has significance when it’s authentic that it comes from people interested in the cause.

There’s no quick fix for high-quality engagement. Social channels what you put into it. Make sure you make an effort to write the perfect blog post, inspire conversation, and be authentically connected with your followers. The benefits will be there.
Here are proven methods to engage your Instagram users and increase your long-lasting engagement naturally:

Tip 1: Get familiar with your viewers
It’s tough to create high-quality content when you don’t know whom you’re writing it for.
Your demographics and the targeted audience will help determine the kind of content you publish along with your brand’s voice as well as the best dates and times you should publish on.

Tip 2: Get authentic
In social networking, it’s best to be genuine and relatable instead of being polished and perfect. Post content that is more than your marketing plan’s slickness. It could be sharing behind-the-scenes footage in the form of an Instagram story, writing the caption to show the wit of a comedian, or taking responsibility for any errors.

Tip 3: Make sure you share awesome images
Instagram, for those who weren’t aware, is a visual medium. Give your image some oomph even if you’re not a graphic designer or photographer. For instance, Canva’s design templates are an easy method to create layers of text or filters.

Tip 4: Carousels that are posted
Once you’ve learned the art of making eye-catching photos, try posting a few using carousels. Carousels are Instagram posts that include multiple images. They are an excellent method to increase engagement.

Tip 5: Post video content
Videos are visually appealing and exciting. It’s so engaging that videos can receive around 38% greater engagement than photos. The best part is they don’t need to be slick or edited to perfection.

Tip 6: Create strong captions
An image can be worth a thousand words. There is a limit of 2200 characters for Instagram captions as well as thirty hashtags. Utilize them! Captions that are well-written add an element of context and highlight your brand’s essence.

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