Tips for mothers working in leadership positions to find balance in a high stress job

Juggling multiple responsibilities while working in leadership positions? This Mother's Day 2023, here are tips for mothers to find balance in a high stress job

Mothers in leadership positions contribute a wealth of skills, qualities and perspectives that enrich organisations as their ability to juggle multiple responsibilities, empathise with others and navigate challenges can positively impact team dynamics, innovation and overall success. Mothers bring a unique perspective to leadership that champions diversity and inclusion as they understand the importance of creating supportive environments for individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences and needs.

So, how can they find a balance while aspiring to work in leadership roles and overcoming barriers in a high stress job? In an interview with HT Lifestyle this Mother's Day, According to Ananya Agarwal, Founder and CEO at Nyumi, balancing a high-stress leadership job and personal life can feel like a never-ending juggling act but it is important for women to remember that self-care is not a luxury, it's a necessity. She shared, “Mother’s Day is a good reminder to prioritise this as the only way to excel is to feel our best - internally too. Leadership positions demand a delicate balance of responsibilities and working mothers are no exception. Let's work together to create a world where all women, regardless of their personal or professional roles, can thrive.”

She suggested, “Companies must understand the unique needs of working mothers and build products that cater to their needs; especially for their health and wellness. Mothers in a leadership position face unique challenges that come with managing a team while also tending to personal and family needs. To support these exceptional women, it's crucial to foster an atmosphere of understanding and empathy in the workplace. Offering flexible work schedules, access to wellness programs and tools for stress management can make all the difference in helping working moms thrive. Remember, investing in their well-being isn't just good for them - it's good for business too. By empowering working moms to find their balance, we empower them to bring their best selves to work every day.”

Dr Kirti Chadha, Chief Scientific Officer at Metropolis Healthcare Ltd, revealed, “Leadership or being a responsible and effectively busy professional while being a loving and engaging mother are dual parallel roles that any woman can embrace and succeed in through optimal time management, focusing on the right things and developing a support system. Children in fact teach us a lot as they juggle their studies, sports, friends and growth intricacies. Just enjoying this phase of life - partnering with them just like we collaborate with colleagues, preparing schedules and delivering goals together, creating memories and learning each day to notch it up the next day and academic year makes this roller coaster ride super fun.”

She added, "It’s actually quite similar to how we leaders nurture and mentor our teams towards a common objective, living some tough days and having some celebrations along the way. Each experience enriches us deeper. As we all know, children learn more by watching rather than just hearing us say something. As an example, they study better as they can see how well we use our education. They understand gratitude, kindness, compassion, empathy when they observe us practising them daily. I would encourage all women to embrace both roles with equal panache and courage.”

Mothers are known for their dedication and commitment, which can positively influence their work ethic and inspire those around them. They often demonstrate perseverance and strive for excellence, setting high standards for themselves and their teams.

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