This stealthy Land Rover Defender is built like a tank. Details here

Armoured vehicle customiser Inkas has revealed its latest creation in the form of the 2023 Land Rover Defender, which claims to come with 360-degree protection from all types of weapons. Making it more potent is the tough body armour that is claimed to be capable of withstanding two DM51 hand grenade blasts. However, externally, the vehicle looks the same as the standard Defender SUV. This acts like a decoy enhancing its safety and security further instead of just protecting the aesthetic value.

The customisation studio claims that it aimed to maintain the distinctive appearance of the luxury SUV while providing the armoured protection that meets the CEN 1063 BR6 level. This security benchmark ensures that this Land Rover Defender can protect its occupants from assault rifles using 7.62 mm ammunition and even grenades.

The customisation shop further claims that it has achieved its objectives by implementing comprehensive armouring measures to safeguard the side profiles, the SUV's roof, and the underbody. The protective measures implemented in the vehicle include military-grade ballistic glass, rear armoured bulkhead partition, protection for the fuel tank, and reinforcement of critical structural points and important mechanical components. The armoured SUV runs on run-flat tyres that have been installed by the customisation studio.

Powering the vehicle is Land Rover's 5.0-litre V8 engine that churns out 518 hp of peak power, which is claimed to be more than enough to handle additional weight added to the SUV by the armour. Despite the heavy armoured protection installed on the vehicle, the SUV is claimed to drive like a luxurious Land Rover should. The customisation shop has upgraded the brakes and suspension setup to provide a smooth ride through even the most rugged terrains and also to handle the additional weight. The company also claims that besides the standard armoured protection, the SUV can be equipped with optional security features like a cabin oxygen filtration system, a fire suppression system and an emergency siren as well.

The company claims that the modified SUV is indistinguishable from the OEM model. “Inkas has taken great pride in seamlessly armouring the Land Rover Defender to be indistinguishable from the OEM model – a critical security measure that is essential to providing discreet protection to our VIP clients," said Margarita Simkin, co-founder and chairwoman of Inkas Group.

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