This 30 Second Massage Technique Can Help Eliminate Dark Circles

Dark circles are an age-long problem that makes you look tired and sick even if you have just woken up from an 8 hours’ sleep. Here is an effective massage to beat it.

Sleep deprivation, stress, and increased screen time are modern-day ailments that appear as thick dark craters underneath your eyes. No one likes dark circles, and no matter how hard you try, they will be visible under the layers of concealers and highlighters. While sleeping off until the dark circles disappear sounds like a perfect plan, it’s not practical. Even the best of makeup products can fail if dark circles are a consistent problem. To remove the dark circles permanently here is the most effective method to re-energize your tired eyes. Go through this 30-second eye massage to eliminate dark, puffy circles once and for all.

  • The beauty routine is fast and effective and can be included in our hectic schedule. It is based on the concept of lymph drainage and keeps droopiness and puffiness away. Here is what you can do to protect your eyes.
  • With gentle tapping, motions use your middle and index fingers to tap around your eye circle. Tapping increases oxygen supply to the area.
  • Begin to move your eyebrows upwards and then backward across the upper cheekbones towards the nose bridge. Make three circles around your eyes.
  • Next, using your fingers, push hard upwards and inwards at the pressure points that are just below the brow bone, on the face. This is where your eyebrows begin.
  • Press firmly towards your nose, just above the bridge, right next to the tear ducts. Massage your temples by using your middle and index fingers until you are finished.
  • The best part about this massage technique is, it allows you to perform it anytime during the day without damaging your makeup. Be careful not to use your fingers to rub against the delicate skin close to your eyes to avoid harming the delicate skin.

To make your experience more relaxing, try this with a cold eye cream. However, the use of creams might not be effective for everyone, particularly if you’re prone to dark circles by genetics. Try making minor changes to your lifestyle, such as decreasing your salt intake. It’s not the ultimate cure but is sure worth the try.

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