Things you should avoid doing first thing in the morning

If you snooze…you lose!

When you wake up in the morning, the things you do at the start of the day somewhat decides how the rest of your day would go. For example, if you wake up grumpy and decide to lie in bed for more time than usual and skip breakfast, be assured that your entire day might go as grumpy. But there are of course ways to know what habits should be avoided in the morning and what shouldn’t. So read on to find out…

  1. Don’t snooze – As we told you earlier, if you snooze…you lose. Hitting the snooze button early morning is one of the worst habits that we all are guilty of pursuing every single day. There are several reasons why you should stop doing this. Firstly, it may feel good but those extra minutes don’t really fulfill anything. Secondly, they may be disturbing your REM sleep that happens in the morning. This in turn affects your metabolism, your mental health and causes other issues.
  2. Drinking caffeine instead of water – Many of us have a habit of grabbing a cup of coffee first ting in the morning before even brushing our teeth. That’s a big no! This not only damages your oral health but also gives your brain a sudden jolt. The best thing to do after you wake up is to drink a glass of water and let your brain come back to normal functioning in its own time…
  3. Checking your phone – Mobile phone has become a necessity for almost everyone these days and thanks to social media people have adapted to the habit of checking the phone as soon as they open their eyes. This can mentally disturb people if they see any distressing news or anything loud that the mind cannot adjust to.
  4. Overdosing on sugar – Sugar may be everyone’s favourite but what you may not know is that too much of it is actually harmful. Having a very sugary breakfast in the morning can give you a rush which is harmful as your body will use up all the sugar faster and make you feel lazy.
  5. Making too many or unimportant decisions – Mornings should be reserved for peace and meditation instead of making rash decisions or unimportant decisions. Keep them reserved for the later part of the day when you have a clearer head.

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