Things we aren't allowed to carry in our hand luggage during flight journey.

Packing has to be one of the least-favourite things about vacation. Planning a holiday takes days of planning before booking the flight tickets. But what’s next? It’s PACKING! Forgetting to pack stuff or two is the general scenario. Moreover, with the flight being our travel mode, we need to be careful about distributing the goods among the luggage and carry-on bags. Restriction on luggage goods might differ based on the locations. However, in this list, you can find the general guidelines regarding the goods that should not b a part of carry-on luggage. 1. Let us start by listing the general items that should not come in handy. Among the everyday things, we cannot take scissors, knives (also folding knife sets), cutters, corkscrew, candles, matchbox, lighter, screwdrivers or printer cartridges inside the flight. However, you may carry tweezers, spoons, a sewing kit, knitting needles or nail clippers. 2. As per the travel guidelines, travellers must carry all electronic items in hands-on luggage. Therefore, you are free to pack laptops, cell phones, hair-styler, cameras and equipment, earbuds and related electronic items in the carry-on bag. These items get verified at the security check counter. Although, carrying damaged electronic items is strictly restricted by either means. 3. If you are looking for the food section, here it comes. Carrying any drinks like water (over 100 ml), tea, coffee or juice are restricted inside the flight. Also, we have honey, sauce, soup, vinegar, oil, syrups, yoghurt and other similar items on the list. If you are travelling with a baby, carrying a bottle of sterile water is allowed. However, you can take packed solid foods, dry fruits and nuts to feed yourself. 4. You are free to carry all types of medicines inside the cabin. The medical kit may include pills, tablets, syrup (100ml), inhalers, hypodermic syringes, medical equipment and a cooling gel pack. Feel free to contact the airlines if you require oxygen bottles or other medical help. Providing medical and related helps to the passengers is one of their prime duties. 5. If you are a sports person, this section will guide you through. Any sports equipment, such as tennis rackets, cricket bats, wickets, crampons, football and hockey sticks, is not allowed inside the cabin. You are supposed to give them to the checked-in luggage. However, there is an exception for sports parachutes. You can carry it inside the flight. I hope this will help you pack your bags for the upcoming trip.