Things that you won’t be chasing after realising your worth

All of us have a dream- to be recognized for our worth. However, our “worth”, to us, is how other people value us. From our childhood, our parents, teachers set us some goals to achieve in life so that we can be valued against them. Naturally we work hard towards such goal so as to be happy in life: to have a great education so that we can bag a good job with a fat pay check, we can have a nice house, a handsome spouse and so on and so forth.

Can all these goals make us happy? Or these tasks make us feel loved? I think not. Because, all we do is let others decide what our aim is life should be, not ourselves. We toil hard to overcome our feeling of unworthiness and to show others our worth, the high school bully, our parents or some other people who thought we are losers. We crave to be loved by someone who is not interested, and try hard to impress them, unsuccessfully. We never bother to introspect, whether we really love that someone or it is our low self-esteem which is driving us to the person.

So long as we let others decide our worth, we will never be happy. But the instant we decide to live for our own self, we will feel happy, free of guilt and worthy. Our aim in life should not be to prove others wrong, but to be happy in our life in any way we live it, so long as it gives ourselves contentment.

We spend our whole life in pursuit of happiness, which seems a faraway place to reach by means of obtaining materials we crave for or wealth in abundance. However, happiness should not be a goal to reach but to enjoy as a voyage, such as, to inhale the fragrance of a roadside flower, to enjoy the beauty of our surrounding or the companionship of our loved ones.

Often, we toil away our youth to achieve happiness in future. There are some young people   who are so absorbed in their career, that they can’t spare time for their families. They are never present to hold the hand of his son when he falls, or the bedside of ailing mother. What is the worth of happiness in future in expense of the present?

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