Things that deplete your energy in relationships

From keeping track of past mistakes to assuming things, here are a few things that deplete our emotional energy.

A relationship takes a lot of effort, understanding and companionship to make it work. Post the initial phase of fireworks, a relationship becomes a long journey of two people choosing each other continuously, day after day, and investing in understanding each other. Communication forms one of the building blocks of a relationship – it helps in creating a healthy space in the relationship where we can grow, individually and also together. However, we should also focus on saving energy and focusing it on things which make the relationship better. We often end up depleting our emotional and mental energy in things that do not deserve much of our attention. This further makes us feel emotionally drained. Addressing this, Therapist Sadaf Siddiqi wrote, "The energy that you possess (and then put out into the world) is the essence of your being. Protect and nurture it."

Sadaf further noted down a few things in the relationship that deplete our energy:


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Proving the point: Sometimes we are too stubborn to accept that we are wrong. Hence, we go around trying to gather evidence to prove the point and make the other person understand that we are not wrong. The wisest thing to do in such situations is to just accept the mistake and move on.

Keeping track of past mistakes: Mistakes are natural to be made, but when we hold on to them and keep count of each other's past mistakes, it holds us back from seeing a healthy future together. It also takes a lot from us mentally and emotionally when we try to keep track of each other's past mistakes.

Taking things personally: The root cause of misunderstanding in any relationship is the absence of proper communication. We start to drain ourselves emotionally and mentally when we start to take everything personally and overthink scenarios that do not exist. Instead, we should ask each other directly and find a way to clarify.

Accommodating others: We constantly try to accommodate others and push our own needs away, to the point where we feel no joy in being in the relationship.

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