The Perfect Guide For Making Exotic Mocktails

Enjoy exotic beverages but not a fan of intoxicating drinks? We know just what you need. Here are the best mocktail recipe ideas to spice up your evenings.

Fresh fruit mocktails are what you need to satisfy your taste buds and keep yourself cool in summers. You can prepare hundreds of variants of mocktails by mixing juices, sodas, herbs, and syrups to create the most yummilicious refreshments that entice your senses. Here are the best recipes that will keep you hydrated without pushing additional calories on you.

Viattaveli Refresher – The Maldives

Mix the herbaceous rosemary with aromatic hibiscus syrup. Add fresh blueberries to infused spices and create the perfect drink from the Maldives. This deep pink-tinted beverage is a thing of beauty.

Azahar – Mallorca

Relish the sweet and citrus kick of the Azahar ‘plumped in juice’ mocktail. Made with fresh oranges, marmalade and cream, this is a food lover’s delight. You can add chocolate syrup and enjoy your drink while taking in a panoramic view of a gorgeous sunset.

Rosebud – Dubai

Roses are an intrinsic part of Arab culture and serve as a symbol of law, truth and religion. Rosewater has been used to flavour food in the Middle East forever and infuses a delicious taste in mocktails. Hand-poured from elegant jugs, this drink contains a mixture of strawberry tea, lime and mango. Simply exotic!

Honey Rider – Frankfurt

This honey-infused drink is available in all restaurants in Frankfurt. In fact, you can spot honeybee apiary about everywhere in the country. This drink has a sweet taste with a floral tinge and is made with raspberry apple and orange juice.

Candy Spicy – Abu Dhabi

Don’t be deceived by the sugary recipe, for once you gulp it in, you can literally taste fire! This playful syrup is made with muddled strawberry, squeezed lemons, cranberry, and hot tabasco sauce. The sweet and sour drink is what you need to stay refreshed the whole of summer.

Lavender Lemonade

In case you are into mocktails for a unique blend of essence and taste, lavender lemonade is what you are looking for. Boil water and honey in a large pot till you get a thick constancy. Add lavender leaves and put out the heat. Strain the concoction slowly. Chill and enjoy this exotic drink.

Cherry Bomb

You will find it difficult to resist this one! Infuse a dozen cherries in soda and add cherry syrup to it. Mix lime juice and enjoy this sweet and tangy flavoured mocktail.

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