The Lord of Rings: Some supporting cast who deserved more screen time

The lord of Rings has a huge storyline and fascinating characters, but some characters captured our interest, and we would have loved to see more of their story.

The fascinating tale of middle-earth is very well captured and illustrated by the stellar star-cast and legendary director, Peter Jackson. Because of the time constraints, you get to see the characters and their story briefly. Here is a list of the characters we wished had more screen time, and we could see more of their story.

  1. Isildur
We just have a glimpse of Isildur in The Lord of Rings trilogy. Isildur, the founder of the house of Gondor. He was the brave warrior who cut Sauron’s finger during the great war of last alliance. In the words of Elrond, he was the man, who let evil dwell by not destroying the one ring. We would have love to know more about his story after the war and how the ring affected him.
  1. Gandalf
Gandalf no doubt had a great screen time and is there to help when needed the most. But still most of the time his work is of an advisor than a hero. We would definitely love to know more about his adventures and how he became the great wizard, his life before he met Bilbo Baggins.
  1. Galadriel
One of the fascinating characters in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Galadriel is one of the oldest Elves in the middle earth and not to forget the most powerful. Though the glimpses of her power are shown, we still want to know more about the ring bearer and her life.
  1. Elrond
The same is the case with Elrond. He too is the oldest and most powerful elves in the middle earth. He is there at the great war of last alliance, and he leaves when the age of human starts. We would love to know more about his thoughts, experiences and his story.
  1. Sauron
Well, he is definitely not a supporting character, but still, it is the ring that gets the most of the importance and screen time. As the ultimate villain, we would have loved to see heights of power, his story and also a bit of his physical appearance than a burning eye.

Amazon is coming up with The Lord of Rings series; we sincerely hope that they see this and take notes of our requests.