The Cat and Mouse Chase: 5 Life Lessons To Take Away From Tom and Jerry

Our childhood would have been incomplete without the dumb cat and the mischievous mouse from the classic cartoon series, Tom and Jerry.

Tom and Jerry, the iconic cartoon series from our childhood had always landed us on the floor with laughter. Tom and Jerry although made each other’s lives troublesome; they were also each other’s best friends. The funny antics of these two cartoon character took us on a joyful ride and while that was the primary essence of the show, it also had some important life lessons hidden behind them.

Size Does Not Matter

No matter how tiny your opponent might be, he could still beat you at your own game. Jerry might have been a tiny little mouse, but he managed to turn Tom’s life upside down if he was up for it. Tom underestimation of Jerry’s capabilities because of his size always landed him trouble.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Have you ever noticed that Tom never uses the same tricks and techniques while trying to trap Jerry? When one of his tricks would fail, he would learn from the mistake and never repeat it. He is not afraid of trying out new techniques but he never repeats the same failed ones implying us to learn from our mistakes.

Do Not Give Up

Neither Tom nor Jerry gave up no matter how hard the situation. Tom’s traps to capture Jerry have failed a million times and over, but he never gave up. Similarly, no matter how hard the situation or complex the trap created by Tom might have been for Jerry, he never gave up trying to evade them.

C for Confidence

Jerry might be tiny but he has the confidence of an elephant. He trusts his wit and his confidence always makes him find the best ways to escape from Tom. Be it during his mischief or during the cat and mouse chase, Jerry’s confidence never lets him fail in his endeavours.

We Fight Because We Love

Tom and Jerry might be all about the cat and the mouse fighting all day. However, at the end of the day, the two characters are best friends and love each other. They are there for each other when the other land in trouble. Believe it or not, the love between them is real!