Teachers’ impact on young minds

We may not even realise consciously how much teachers help shape our personality.

Kids are the most impressionable creatures in the world. The way you behave in front of them, good or bad, they take little time in picking that up. Obviously, the more time they spend with someone, the more impact that individual or group has over them.

Apart from their family and relatives, the most time children spend at a place is at school and their teachers have a huge influence on how their personality gets shaped.

Here are a few things which students generally pick up from their teachers and which go on to play a huge role in their life.

Work ethics

Work ethic is such an important feature of any individual which he or she realises, especially when they embark on their professional journey. The way you approach your task, the integrity and the hard work with which you try to solve a particular problem or just go about your day-to-day life makes all the difference. This not only brings promotions and progress in your professional life but also defines the person you become.


Punctuality is a very underrated but very important quality. The first impression is the last, they say, and one of the first things that make an impression upon anyone is your punctuality.

Suppose you have a meeting scheduled at 5 p.m. It makes a whole lot of difference if you make it at 4:50 and have everything in order before the meeting starts or arrive at 5:10 p.m, making the counterpart wait. The difference here is just 20 minutes, but it will have a huge impact, both in the long term and the short term.


If a student falls ill or isn’t able to comply with a certain decree, how does the teacher react to it? It is okay to be a tough taskmaster at times, but at other times, when the problem is genuine, it is also a great quality to be accepting of that and show compassion.

Compassion is one of the most important qualities that people must have. It is the bedrock for a society to work in harmony. Students pick up on compassion subconsciously from their teachers, and they must be credited for it more than they are.


Most successful people regularly slip into conversations aphorisms they have heard from their teachers. These become the guiding lights of their lives and learnings they hold very near and dear to themselves.

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