Swiggy Instamart asks people to name green leafy veggies, promises cash prize

While many correctly guessed the answers, others took the route of hilarity in their responses to Swiggy Instamart’s challenge.

Swiggy Instamart took to Twitter on May 24 to share a challenge with its followers. The simple yet intriguing task was to identify four leafy vegetables correctly. To sweeten the deal, the company even offered a cash prize of 5000 to anyone who could name them all. The challenge quickly gained traction, drawing an influx of responses from people. As the comments section overflowed with answers, some clever individuals injected humour into their submissions.

“5000 to anyone who can name all these,” wrote Swiggy Instamart while sharing pictures on Twitter. The tweet contains images of four leafy vegetables, and you need to identify them all. So, are you ready to test your veggie knowledge?

Take a look at the picture right here:

Shared on May 24, the tweet has accumulated over 1.5 lakh views and a plethora of likes and comments.

Check out how people responded to the tweet:

“Methi, dhaniya, patta gobhi, pudina,” wrote a Twitter user. Another added, “Dhaniya dhaniya dhaniya dhaniya.” “Here is the answer: Fenugreek leaves, coriander leaves, lettuce leaves, mint leaves. Now send me the 5000 to my account. A fourth commented, “Pudina or hara dhaniya bhijwado chatni banani hai, sabzi nhi bani aj ghar pe (Send mint and coriander leaves. I have to make chutney. The vegetable was not cooked at home today).” “Green leafy vegetables,” expressed a sixth.

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