Superfoods you need to add to your next grocery list

Trust these everyday foods which can give you the sterling nutritional value which is a must for everyone. What are superfoods? Why should we start eating them more? In recent years we all have heard the magical term “superfood”. A food item that promises the truckload of nutrition and would fill you with energy. Whenever we the term along with a food item, we rush to buy that food item irrespective of its price. Surprisingly, all of these “superfoods” are quite costly. Do we see a pattern here? There is no such thing as a “superfood” that is backed by science. The term is merely a marketing gimmick that just wants us all to lose our purse strings. Instead of hankering over a term like superfoods, here is a list of foods that have truckloads of nutrition and you can find it quite easily on your next visit to the grocery store. Pomegranate is a great supplement for good heart health Next time you choose fruits from the veggies and fruits section, reach out for pomegranate. If you have grown up in an Indian household, you would know how good pomegranate is for your health. According to research,pomegranates are known to boost up heart health and are great candidates to be dietary supplements that can prevent cardiovascular diseases. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage can reduce the risk of cancer and also are great for your heart Most cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflowerare known for their amazing health benefits. That is because they are full of fiber, and if you are looking for something that could help you with weight loss, then cruciferous veggies are for you. Its fiber content can make you full for longer which can do wonders for your weight loss. Do not leave out a pack of plain old yogurt, it is packed with good bacteria that your body needs Yes, plain old yogurt is one of the most important or so-called “superfoods” you must include in your diet. But do not get trapped in the marketing gimmick so getting specialized yogurts or yogurts with different flavours. Flavoured yogurts are a strict no-no as they are full of refined sugar. Buy plain yogurt and add fresh fruits to add in a bit of flavour. The probiotics present in the yogurt can protect your body from many diseases. So, next time when you go grocery shopping, choose health or health fads that are not necessary.