Subtle signs that you want to end a friendship

From being invalidated to feeling exhausted, here are a few signs that the friendship is nearing its end.

A friendship is one of the most valuable relationships in the world. From being our partner in crime to being the shoulder to cry on during the hard times, a friend plays the role of many characters in our lives. However, just like any relationship, a friendship needs to be nurtured and taken care of. Sometimes a friendship can have a fallout as well – this depends on several factors. But no matter what the reason of a friendship ending is, it can hurt as much it hurts at the end of a relationship. Addressing this, Therapist Israa Nasir wrote, "These signs can mean the friendship is nearing its end. But that’s not all- these signs can also mean that perhaps it's time for a reset. If you’re at this point in a friendship, you can repair it if both people are motivated the same way,” as she noted down a few subtle signs that a friendship is nearing its end.


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One-sided: When any relationship starts to feel one-sided, it is important to check-in and address it with the person. Friendships are meant to be equal and when it feels like we are the ones doing all the jod of staying in touch, it might be time to address it.

Invalidation: Friends understand us – our strengths and our weaknesses. And when friends start to pick out our weaknesses to invalidate us, it is time to speak up and address it, or the friendship may get more toxic with time.

Censoring: One of the signs of a toxic friendship is when we start to censor ourselves in front of them because of their behavioral patterns of shaming us or judging us. When we start to feel exhausted around them, it is a sign that the friendship is over.

Dependance: A small amount of dependence exists in all kinds of relationship, but when the dependance feels unhealthy, it might be time to reevaluate the friendship and talk about it to them.

Change: While some friendships embrace the change that we undergo with time, some friendships grow apart with the change. While it is sad, it is inevitable and we need to learn to accept and move on.

Boundaries: Not getting our boundaries respected by our friends is a major sign that we should end the friendship.

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