Stylish tips that make you look taller

Even though high heels do the trick.

The right pattern, the correct length, certain accessories can help in making you appear taller than you are.

Ever look at celebrities and think “Man, they are really short”? No? That’s because celebrities like Rooney Mara and Victoria Beckham who are 5’4’’ have their stylists helping them with the right fashion tips to never appear short.

In fashion, certain sizes, prints, quick hacks etc create illusions of being talent than you are. Here are a few stylish tips that canmake you look taller.

Go for vertical stripes

Wearing clothes that have vertical stripes on them can instantly make you look taller. The vertical stripes rather than horizontal ones, create an illusion of the body being elongated and slimmer.

Get clothes tailored

Rather than wearing clothes off the rack, get them tailored with your fit. You need to find a trusting tailor who would do a proper fit of the new clothes you buy. Getting clothes tailored makes your clothes look more expensive and can make you look taller.

Go for high waist jeans

High waisted jeans sit on the smallest part of the stomach and boost up the shape of the glutes as well. A high waisted jeans will create an illusion that the middle part of your body is much longer. Same goes for high-waisted pencil skirts and midi dresses.

Avoid heels that have ankle straps

Ankle straps on any shoe will chop off length of your legs and make you appear shorter than normal. The ankle straps sort of stops the gaze at the ankles and the short legs appear more prominently. Instead, go for pumps or flats with ankle straps. Nude heels is another trick to make you look taller.

Hem your trousers

Wide legged trousers are cool and all but when it comes to height and looking taller, opt for straight or skinny trousers and get them hemmed right above the ankle. It’s shocking how a simple hack can make all the difference.

Show a slither of skin with a crop top

Wearing a crop top and pairing it with a high-waisted trouser works like a charm.

Go monochrome

Monochrome clothes leave no place to assess how short the torso is, or how long the legs are. Wearing clothes of same colour from head to toe won’t break up the body and create an illusion of being taller.

Knee high boots is a no-no

Knee high boots can make a short person look even shorter. If you want to look taller that you are, swap the knee-high boots with ankle length ones.

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