Strange habits of famous writers that you did not know about

Being a writer is not easy. Strange habits help to write.

They are on a daily struggle for newer imaginations and crafting them into words. Some have muses to get the creativity flowing. But to bring them down to the exact narrative can be difficult. So, sometimes authors adopt strange habits that they believe will elevate their flow of creativity for their craft. Virginia Woolf stood writing. James Joyce wrote in white clothing.

Here are strange habits of famous writers.

  1. Agatha Christie ate apples while writing – Famed mystery writer wrote her novels while munching on apples and wrote in the bathtub. Her bath-and-apple routine seems to have brought her significant success too.
  2. Writing in nude – Victor Hugo, while stuck with The Hunchback of Notre Dame, advised his help to get rid of his clothes and wrote in nude. The idea was to be restricted within his house at all times to finish the novel before deadline. He only covered himself in a blanket while completing the book.
  3. Virginia Woolf wrote standing at her desk – Woolf stood at her standing desk for two and a half hours every morning. The angled writing would help her evaluate her work.
  4. Facing north while sleeping – Charles Dickens always carried a compass with him and always slept facing north as he believed that improved his creativity. It’s sort of symbolic since his moral compass was upright as he wrote many novels commenting on the socio-economic issues.
  5. Hotel room strikes inspiration – Maya Angelou would check herself in a motel at 6 in the morning and advice the hotel people to remove everything from the room. She only caried her legal pad, dictionary, bottle of sherry and a Bible.
  6. Hat clears writer’s block – For Doctor Theodore Seuss, wearing a hat would help clear writer’s block. The Cat in the Hat author had his secret closet with over 300 hats to help him with his creativity.
  7. Friedrich Schiller – Schiller left green apples in his drawer and let them rot there on purpose. Supposedly, the rotting smell of the apples helped him with his creativity. To each their own, we guess?
  8. Patricia Highsmith – The Strangers on a Train writer enjoyed poultry for every meal. According to a friend, Highsmith ate eggs and bacon for every meal while she was writing. The psychological mystery writer sure had her creative juices flowing with poultry.