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Step inside Sunil Grover's massive and gorgeous Mumbai home with double-height ceiling, cute collectibles

Comedian, actor Sunil Grover opened the doors to his lush Mumbai home for Asian Paints Where The Heart Is and revealed what actually makes a house a home.

Actor-comedian Sunil Grover has given a glimpse inside his beautiful and airy Mumbai home. Taking to Instagram on Thursday, Sunil posted a video as he gave a tour inside his house which has two floors. The main entrance led to his living room. A part of the wall has been adorned with a floral hand painting.

Sunil's living room

A wooden dining table and chair stood near the door. Next to it, a piano has been kept. A few couches have been placed near the balcony as well. The black and white as well as colourful couches are kept in a U-shape with a wooden centre table stacked with books. Several lamps are also kept near them.

A glimpse of Sunil's balcony

Many books are also seen stacked on several tables in the living room. A few potted plants were kept in the room as well. A sliding door near the sofas led to the balcony which has been decorated with plants. A small statue was also kept on one end of the balcony.

Sunil gives a tour of his kitchen

Opposite to the balcony, Sunil walked his fans to the kitchen. A section of the kitchen has been decorated with colourful Moroccan tiles. This room also has glass windows so that a person can enjoy the view from the house. A few art pieces and a dart board were also part of the living room. He also gave a peek at his books, 'Gutthi' and 'Dr Mashoor Gulati' art pieces, bobbleheads and mugs.

Sunil's TV room

Sunil next took his fans upstairs and gave a view of his TV room. Calling it 'one of his favourite spots in the house', Sunil shared that the room reminded him of his voiceover days. He also shared a few of his favourite things in the house-- beautiful carved doors and blackboards. One of the fridge magnets had a picture of Sunil, Kapil Sharma, Kiku Sarda and Ali Asgar among others.

Sunil's wife Aarti talks about the house

The actor introduced his wife Aarti Grover who designed the house. She called the 'morning sunlight' the best part of the house and also talked about the cross ventilation of the house. Aarti called the kitchen the unusual place in their home. The video also showed a few adorable moments between Sunil, Aarti and their son.

Sunil pens note

Sunil captioned the post, “Mera ghar aur uski kahaani (My home and its story). I’m opening the doors to my home on the latest season of Asian Paints Where The Heart Is, now streaming on YouTube. (Link in the bio of @asianpaints’ handle).”

He also added, "Every time I look at this home, I’m reminded of how far I’ve come and how much I’ve grown. It’s these walls that have seen me through my ups and downs, and it’s these walls that I’m proud to call my own. Witness it all with me on my episode streaming on YouTube."

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