SRK-Sameer Wankhede WhatsApp chats: 'My son needs reformation'

Purported WhatsApp chats between Sameer Wankhede, former Mumbai zonal director of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), and Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan have surfaced, in which the latter pleads for his son Aryan Khan, stating that he needs 'reformation'.

Wankhede presently finds himself in a precarious position as allegations have emerged that he attempted to extort Rs 25 crore from Shah Rukh Khan in exchange of releasing his son Aryan Khan, who was accused in the Cordelia Cruise drugs bust case in October 2021.

In the chats, Shah Rukh Khan reportedly said that his son's part was miniscule in the entire case.

In the chats, Shah Rukh Khan requests for Wankhede's help in making his son Aryan Khan a 'better person'. These chats have been submitted by Wankhede as proof to claim that he was not involved in any kind of corruption.

"All he (Aryan Khan) needs is reformation and for that he has had his quota and I will also follow suit with what we talked in terms of making him a better person. Please man, I beg you there is nothing from my side that is participant in the vested interests. I went out of my way and without even knowing them called and begged them not to involve my child in their politics. The people here and also the person in the North. I spoke as a father to them and even chided them that they are harming my kid in their selfish interests," read a message reportedly sent by Shah Rukh Khan to Wankhede.

"Please man don't make him pay for these (accused) and vested people. I beg you man please... It's a larger thing, my son and my family! I have even refrained from talking to anyone and even told all these foolish people not to speak on my behalf. When we speak, I will tell you what I have done in my capacity not to hurt your drive to be upright. I swear man. Please l beg you," SRK added, the chat reportedly said.

"I promise you whatever cooperation you would need from him will be done to the best of his abilities. Just please consider this request favourably, it will be a huge favour because the family just wants him home, and not get stamped with having been a convict in a notorious prison. Thanks again for srk," it read.

In response, Wankhede replied that things would be fine

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