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Sports and the Power of Moolah Richest Professional Leagues on the Planet

These are the top earners among the professional leagues in the world!

Annually, sports enthusiasts witness the introduction of new leagues across various sports, including football, basketball, cricket, and more. These leagues may either be entirely new or extensions of existing ones. Notably, the NBA stands as the wealthiest basketball league, the IPL as the richest cricket league, and the Premier League as the wealthiest football league. However, have you ever wondered which sports league holds the title of being the richest globally? Let's explore the top 10 wealthiest sports leagues in the world!

National Football League (NFL): $18.6 billion

Undoubtedly, the National Football League, commonly known as the NFL, holds the top spot as the world's wealthiest sports league. With 30 teams comprising over 53 players and additional salary caps, the NFL boasts a staggering valuation of $18.6 billion.

National Basketball Association (NBA): $10.5 billion

Following closely is the National Basketball Association, or NBA, securing the second position with a net valuation of $10.5 billion. Similar to the NFL, the NBA consists of 30 teams, each with a minimum of 14 players.

Major League Baseball (MLB): $10.3 billion

Ranked third in Major League Baseball (MLB), with a valuation of $10.3 billion. Featuring 30 teams, each comprising a minimum of 26 players, the MLB divides its teams into two conferences, competing for divisional and league championships.

Indian Premier League (IPL): $8.4 billion

Notably, the Indian Premier League (IPL) makes a surprising appearance with a valuation of $8.4 billion. Despite having only ten teams and hosting just 74 matches, the IPL has become a significant player in the sports league landscape.

English Premier League: $6.6 billion

Renowned as one of the toughest football leagues globally, The English Premier League claims the fourth spot with a valuation of $6.6 billion. Comprising 20 teams, each playing 38 games, the EPL determines its champion based on points earned.

National Hockey League (NHL): $5.9 billion

The National Hockey League (NHL) secures the sixth position with a valuation of $5.9 billion. With 32 teams divided into four equally distributed divisions, the NHL features a maximum of 23 players on each team.

La Liga: $5.3 billion

La Liga, the second football league on the list, holds a valuation of $5.3 billion. Like the English Premier League, La Liga features 20 teams, each competing in 38 games to vie for the top position on the table.

Bundesliga: $3.8 billion

The Bundesliga claims the eighth spot with a valuation of $3.8 billion. Featuring 18 teams, each playing 34 matches, the Bundesliga determines its champion based on points earned throughout the season.

UEFA Champions League (UCL): $3.3 billion

The UEFA Champions League (UCL), considered one of the most prestigious football leagues, secures the ninth spot with a value of $3.3 billion.

Russian Premier League: $896 million

Rounding off the list is the Russian Premier League, another football league with a valuation of $896 million. Closing the list of football leagues, the Russian Premier League makes its mark in the world of sports.

These sports leagues are all machines for making money for their respective sports. However, besides being a machine for making billions, they also call much-needed attention to their game!