Some tips for avoiding germs at the supermarkets

Supermarkets are often a hotbed of germs and virus;here are some of the ways you can avoid that. Coronavirus pandemic affected our life and changed the definition of normal for many of us. We are all in masks, avoiding meeting people, friends, gathering and what not. But there are certain things we can’t avoid like going out grocery shopping in the supermarkets. Many studies suggest that the grocery stores and supermarkets are,infact, hotbeds for infections, germs and viruses. Try to go early morning.                                                                   Always try to go to supermarkets when there is a possibility of lesser people, which is essentially early in the morning. More than fewer people it is also cleaner as the staff either clean the supermarket either late in the night or early in the morning. So, fewer chances of contamination and infections. Wipe up your cart first with a disinfectant. Your cart is the first thing that can be full of germs as it is touched by many hands. So, the best thing to do is to wipe it up with disinfectant wipes or sanitizers. You can also bring in gloves to avoid touching the cart. Don’t rush. If you are trying to fit your shopping trip with some chore and an important meeting, then think again. You can be fast and ram into people in these times. Avoid the packed aisle and maintain at least six feet distance from people. Take your time and frequently make use of your sanitizer. Don’t touch your face or phone. Please listen to the experts and medical professional worldwide and the first thing they tell you. Avoid touching your face, eyes, ears or mouth. So, be vigilant to avoid frequent eye and ear rub and touching your face while choosing the brand of cheese. In the same way, avoid using your phone as its surface can be a great home for germs and viruses. Look for holes and tears in packages. Germs can get very easily into products that have tears and holes, so thoroughly inspect the packaging. The same goes for fruits and veggies. Check your fruits and veggies thoroughly for breaks and holes. Avoid paying with cash. Cash transactions are risky considering the threat of spreading germs. So, instead of cash, pay for grocery bills using a credit or debit card. You can wipe clean the card afterwards. So, stay safe and be vigilant.