Some reasons why it’s okay to fail sometimes

We are always told that failure is bad, but failing and then giving up is bad. Here are a few things failure teaches you.

From very early in childhood, we are taught to be successful, to be Numero Uno. And that is how we all become part of rat-race. To be successful and trying not to fail. But the truth is that failure is part of the success. The heartbreak you get on failing can give you experience and fuel to try again and being successful. Failure is a part of our learning process. Remember how many times we fell and then stood up straight in our infancy? Here is why failing is okay.

  1. You are going to fail sometimes
For all the people who play extremely safe and also for all the ambitious parents out there, everyone fails at some time. It is inevitable. Even if many tell you otherwise, all the great success stories start with a wasp of failure.
  1. Failure would teach you what success would never
You will always learn from failures than from success. It would teach you the areas where you lack and which need improvement. You must view your failure in the light of learning something from it. So, next time when you try, you can avoid making the same mistakes.
  1. Failure makes you brave, and you take more chances
If you are failing again and again, then your fear of losing goes way. That makes you take many risks and going out of your comfort zone. If you play safe all your life, then don’t dream of making it big. Without risking anything and coming out of the comfort zone cannot make you successful.
  1. You become stronger
Your failures and struggle make you strong. You are not afraid to go out and face hardships. Failure always makes you wiser and stronger. You should not let failure break you and, once you learn to try again and again, nothing can defeat your spirit.
  1. You would discover new paths
Failure many times is an alarm clock that can wake us up and make us do things differently. It can lead us to new and unexplored paths in our life. If someone has lost his job and unable to find one. Maybe writing or entrepreneurship was his calling.

And finally remember, as Emily Dickinson says, success is counted sweetest, by those who never succeed!