Some of the top Indian Graphic novelists

There is talent is unmatched when it comes to art and narration Just like in the west, the culture and craze for graphic novels have long been a tradition among Indian readers. Though graphic novels earlier were only associated with the whole world of comics in India, over the years, the definition is slowly changing, and new-age creative authors are emerging, putting to page their art narrations and captivating illustrations. These new-age graphic novelists, through their art, are also educating children and adults alike on various social subjects and more. Here is presenting some of the best Indian graphic novelists you must know about. Narayan Debnath He is India's one of the greatest comics artists, writers,s and illustrators. Narayan Debnath is best known as the creator of the popular Bengali comic strips HandaBhonda, BatulThe Great, and NotePhonte. Such is his creativity and narration through art that he holds the record of longest-running comics by an individual artiste for his comics series HandaRhonda. Currently, it completed its continuous 53 years of running. A few of his other creations are Rabi Chobi, Rajar Raja, Chobite Vivekananda, ChitreDurgeshnandini, ChhatrapatiShivaji, ShootkiarMootki, Hirer Tiara, Indrajit Ray o Black Diamond, RahashyamayAbhijatri, ItihasherDourath, Koushik Roy, BahadurBeral, DaanpiteKhadu Aar Tar Chemical Dadu, PetukmasterBatuklal, MahakasherA jobDeshe, and JatokerGolpo. AmrutaPatil An Indian graphic novel author and painter, AmrutaPatil, rose to fame with her debut graphic novel, Kari. The novel explores the themes of sexuality, friendship, and death. Patil’s subsequent graphic novels - AdiParva: Churning of the Ocean and Sauptik: Blood and Flowers- are part of the Parvaduology that re-tells stories from the Mahabharata. The unique point being it is re-told through the viewpoint of the narrators Ganga and Ashwatthama, respectively. Patil has also worked on a collaborative project with mythologist DevduttPattanaik on a graphic novel, Aranyaka: Book of the Forest. Her work has been translated into French and Italian. A fact, Patil is hailed as India's first female graphic novelist. Malik Sajad The Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir based graphic novelist rose to fame with his debut graphic novel, Munnu - A Boy from Kashmir. The novel was acclaimed critically and also the author of the Verve Story Teller of The Year award. Sajad’s other notable works are short stories Identity Card, The Posterman, Endangered Species, Facebooked, Gulberg Society Massacre Timeline, Side Effects of Fairness Cream and, A Wedding Under Curfew. A few other Indian Graphic novelists are George Mathen, AnantPai, DheerajVerma, Sarnath Banerjee, Abhishek Singh and GamanPalem.