Some of the scientific benefits of being a cat owner.

Don’t let anyone judge you anymore for being a feline lover. The sassiest, independent and a total fluff ball, cats deserve our love and attention. But for some reasons, people seem to associate cats with raising hell and cat owner’s a bit eccentric (thanks to the stereotypes promoted by books, television, and movies). But the truth is that they are as loving and as loyal as any other pet out there. Though you don’t need any reason to love this cute ball of fur and bring them to your house and hearts but for those who are still skeptical about owning the cat, here is what science says about it. They help you to cope up with grief.  Life is filled with various highs and lows,and we all have to go through some tough times. So, who can help us deal with such a situation? Cats! Studies have proved that help their owner to get over grief quickly and even show physical symptoms that show pain, such as crying, less. They make you sensitive as well as smarter. Cat lovers are much more sensitive but open-minded than others. In the year 2014, a study proved that feline owners are scored much more in intelligence than dog owners. People might stereotype you as introverted asyou are muchsmarter than others. It lowers the risk of having cardiovascular diseases. Various studies have proved that cat owners can reduce your chances to have heart-related ailments. Cat helps in lowering your stress levels, and the experts believe that cats can lower the risk of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases by 30%. Many therapeutic benefits. Being a cat owner helps the release of oxytocin in the body which helps in inducing the feeling of trust, love, and happiness. Also, a study also proved that cats could be very helpful for children with special needs and help them keep calm and be less anxious. You sleep better too. Several studies have proved that people preferred to sleep with their cats at night than their partners. They stated that it helped them sleep better at night. Mayo Clinic Centre for Sleep Medicines found that forty-one per cent of people slept very well with cats than their partners. So, there you have it; even science backs this claim. So, all you cat mommies and daddies, you are indeed blessed.