Some life lessons we learnt from Michelle Obama

From being a simple girl from the Southside of Chicago to the first lady of the U.S, Michelle Obama teaches us a thing or two about life.

Inspiration for millions of people around the globe, Michelle Obama is an iconic figure. From being a Princeton and Harvard law school alumni to being the wife of the most powerful figure in the world, Michelle Obama taught us how a woman could change the world. In her autobiographical memoir, “Becoming”, Michelle shared some unknown anecdotes from her remarkable life. There are many lessons which we can learn from the eloquent and charismatic Michelle Obama.

  1. Chase your dreams
Michelle Obama always wanted to attend Princeton University when she was in high school. But when she shared her dream desire with her college counsellor, she was told that she was not a “Princeton Material”. But she did not let one person’s opinion change the course of her dream. She persisted and finally graduated from Princeton like she always dreamed.
  1. Time is precious
Michelle recalls losing her friend, who passed away at the young age of 26 and later her father at the age of 55. It made her realize how short and unpredictable is our life. So, take that holiday, read that book and if it doesn’t make you happy, leave your job. Do something that makes you happy and complete.
  1. Don’t hide, rise up tall and strong
During Barack Obama’s campaign for president, she received a lot of backlash from the critics. Many ordinary people might have fled away, but Michelle held her ground and stood tall and strong. She did not let criticism sink her and used the power of her voice. In the end, everyone fell in love with the strong, eloquent and dynamic Mrs Obama.
  1. Don’t let go of an opportunity
In Princeton, to earn some extra bucks, she started babysitting for her mentor. She felt a great opportunity and soon was running a child care centre for the professors on the campus. Remember, opportunity knocks softy once, grab it.
  1. On love
She fell in love with Barack Obama, when she was earning much more than him. But that does not stop her from falling in love with him. And she also emphasized the importance of education to young teenage girls. In her words “There is no boy, cute enough or interesting enough to stop you from getting an education”.

Let us all learn from the eventful life journey of ever-graceful Michelle Obama.