Some fun facts about Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse has been a household name for more than 90 years. No one in any family is not familiar with this iconic character; Mickey Mouse stands apart when it comes to all the cartoons we have watched in our childhood. Read on to know more about Mickey Mouse!

  1. Walt Disney’s pet mouse: Disney had a trained mouse as a pet during his childhood. The idea to create a Mickey Mouse cartoon character came to Disney while he was on a train ride from Manhattan to Hollywood.
  2. It all started in 1928: Mickey Mouse cartoon was first time released on November 18, 1928, and soon became super hit with the release of Steamboat Willie, the first cartoon with synchronized sound effects. Mickey Mouse was also the first cartoon character to ever speak in the animation world!
  3. Mortimer was the original name of the character: Disney initially named Mickey as Mortimer. Later his wife suggested that the name did not go well with the mouse character and hence came the name Mickey Mouse!
  4. Walt Disney was the first person to give Mickey his voice: For close to first 20 years, Disney lends his voice to Mickey Mouse. Later on, Wayne Allwine dubbed for Mickey Mouse, and Russi Taylor dubbed for Minnie who were married in real life!
  5. Disneyland, the first theme park: At first, Disney considered calling the theme park, “Mickey Mouse Village”. Since it opened its door in 1955, Mickey mouse has been a key feature at Disneyland, with guests interacting with him during parades or choosing from the various merchandise.
  6. Mickey Mouse and Hollywood: On its 50th anniversary, in 1978, Mickey Mouse became the first cartoon based character to be named on the esteemed Walk of Fame in Hollywood. Mickey Mouse was also nominated ten times for Oscars and won the prestigious award for the role in ‘Lend a Paw’. In 1988 and 2003, Mickey Mouse also made a special appearance the Academy Awards!
  7. Mickey Mouse and the White House connection: Every US President since Truman, apart from Lyndon B. Johnson has met Mickey Mouse. Obama once referred to Mickey Mouse as ‘The world leader who has bigger ears than me’. At the voting booth, Mickey Mouse is the most popular ‘write-in candidate’!
With more than 121 Mickey Mouse theatrical releases, including shorts and featurettes till date, its surely the most beloved and successful cartoon character. So, grab some popcorns and watch ”The Mickey Mouse Show” with kids in your house!