Skipping On Carbs Before Workout? Try The Good Carbs For Pre-Workout Nutrition

Fuel your body with some carbs before your start your workout routine!

It is a common misconception that carbohydrates are the last thing that should be on your plate if you have a regular workout schedule. In fact, it is highly suggested that you eat carbs before you workout. Some carbs are good for you and these carbs contain fibre and along with that the necessary amount of energy required to fuel you through your workout session. Naturally, it is imperative that you have some carbs before you start your workout routine. Here are the good carbs that should be a part of your per-workout diet!

Bananas Are The Ideal Pre-Workout Fruit

Some people dread having the humble banana thinking about the carbs content in it. Howeevr, bananas can be considered good carbs given that it is greatly fibrous. Not just that, it is also one of the super-fruits that is the best option for your pre-workout diet. Have it raw, in a salad or in a smoothie, a banana a before working out is always recommended. It would highly boost your energy levels during your workout sessions. In fact, bananas have a good amount of potassium in them which helps in making up for the loss of electrolyte during sweating.

Oats Work Well As A Pre-Workout Meal

You may hate it all you want, but just having a bowl of oats is all you need before a workout. Oats are very rich in vitamin B6 and in fibre. As a result, oats are good carbs that would help you maintain and support the energy levels of your body especially if you are doing a strenuous routine of workout. Moreover, if you are someone who is suffering from anaemia, having oats in your diet would help you greatly with your condition. All you need before your workout session is a cup of oats made just the way you like it and you will not be out of energy while working out.

Try Whole Grain Bread If You Don’t Like Experimenting With Your Food

If you feel icky about having mushy food like oats, you can always go with bread. But hey, bread is supposed to be bad right? After all they are loaded with carbs! Well, not all breads are loaded with bad carbs. Breads that are made from whole grains contain good carbs and are amazing is a pre-workout food option. If you like having bread and if it is something that is a staple in your pantry, whole grain bread is the way to go. This is an option for all those who are not big on experimenting much with healthy options like fruits and oats. The fibre in whole grain breads take time in breaking down and therefore releases a great amount of energy. Whole grain breads are low on calories and having five to six slices a day would not harm you in any way!

Sweet Potatoes For All Those Who Can’t Get Over Potatoes

Embrace sweet potatoes if you are too scared of having potatoes in your diet because of the carbs. The carbs in sweet potatoes are good for your energy levels and does not amount to a great deal of calories. Moreover, sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins which is always a bonus! Unlike other starchy vegetables, sweet potatoes would not spike up the glucose levels in your blood. This would in turn prevent you from having hyperglycemia before your workout session. All of you who love potatoes but don’t want to guilt yourselves into having it, sweet potatoes are your sweetest friends!

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