Six Indoor Activities To Keep Your Dog Fit

With the recently introduced social distancing and quarantine, pet parents are leaving their furry kids without parks and fun street activities that keep them happy.

The quarantine season can be challenging for both the dog parent and the dog. Finding ways to exercise your dog indoors may take a little bit of creativity. If you are trapped inside, you can keep your pooch from going stir-crazy with the following fun indoor activities.

Create an obstacle course

A dog will certainly get physically and mentally challenged if you set up an indoor obstacle course. Clear out your living room and create your makeshift obstacle course by placing broom handles across chairs for jumps, tunnels out of rolled blankets, and evenly spaced plastic bowls for cones. At the end of it, do not forget to reward your dog with a little treat.


If you have a treadmill at home, you can make your dog use it. Treadmills are an incredible and easy way to ensure that your dog gets the exercise they require. Just be sure to start them off at a slow enough speed so that they can keep up. Do not leash your dog when exercising, just keep an eye on them. However, do not force them to use one if they hate the treadmill.

Play fetch

Playing fetch is considered to be the most basic form of canine entertainment, but that does not alter the fact that dogs love to play fetch. While this game is normally played outside, you can just as easily bring them indoors. You can use your hallway and get the game started by tossing your dog’s favorite ball or stuffed toy. Also, try using the stairs to increase the difficulty level for your dog.

Play hide and seek with treats

Playing hide and seek with your dog will not just exercise the mind and body of your dog, it will also help reinforce his recall training. Before you begin playing this game, be sure that you’ve got plenty of treats for your fur baby. Be sure to include the whole family, as the saying goes, the-more-the-merrier.

Tug of war

Tug of war is a great way for your dogs to get in a lot of meaningful exercise and play. Before you begin, make sure your dog has a good “leave it” or “drop it” command. During the game, if you find your pooch getting too rowdy, you must immediately stop the game. Studies have revealed that if you let your dog win, it will make encourage them to play even more.


Anyone who has climbed aboard the StairMaster at the gym is aware that stairs make for a great cardio workout. If your steps are carpeted at home, make good use of them to tire out your dog. You may have to join in the fun to motivate them, so make sure both you and your dog are healthy enough to undertake this exercise.

Try these fun indoor activities to keep your house-bound hound fit and healthy!

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