Six famous people who fell and rose again to be successful

Never give up! Life of these famous personalities teaches us that.

Before making a name for themselves, many great success stories started with failure. Not once, they failed many times. But what made them different and eventually helped them to reach their goal. The thing is not giving up and learning from their mistakes. Let’s be inspired with never say die spirit of these famous people.

  1. Thomas Edison
There can’t be a better example of success after many failures. He was considered “stupid” by his peers and teachers in the school. Even after 10,000 failed experiment to make a light bulb, he was not discouraged. And the result, the greatest invention of all times was created, the light bulb.
  1. Walt Disney
The pioneering figure in the animation industry, Walt Disney worked for a newspaper where the editor told him that he lacks imagination and has no good ideas! Despite the discouragement, he went on to create iconic Mickey Mouse and Disneyland.
  1. Soichiro Honda
The founder of Honda Motor Company faced many adversities when he first started out. At the time of great depression, he formed a company which made piston rings for Toyota. That company failed, moreover, his first factory was bombed down during world war. His second company was destroyed in an earthquake. But that didn’t stop him and rest they say, is history!
  1. J.K Rowling
The celebrated writer of the famous “Harry Potter” life was going nowhere when she wrote Harry Potter. She was divorced with a kid and was broke. It is said that almost 12 publishers rejected her manuscript, till Bloomsbury accepted it with the mere advance of 150 pounds.
  1. Stephen King
Any Bibliophile would tell you how big a name Stephen King is in the literary world. But it was not that way when he started. His first book “Carrie” was rejected so many times by publishers that he thought that manuscript wouldn’t see the light of the day. But due to his wife’s insistence and his perseverance, Carrie was published and was a big hit.
  1. Albert Einstein
The great Einstein, the name that is synonym to intelligence had a rough start. He could not speak and read till the age of seven. Everyone around him thought he was mentally disabled. He worked unsuccessfully in various jobs such as an insurance agent. Einstein’s calling in the field of science came quite late in life.

So, don’t be afraid. It may be difficult, but it is not impossible.