Simple Ways To Plan A 'Think Week'

Here is how to plan a 'think week'. Looking for a way to get the most out of your rest and recharge time. Plan a 'think week'. This mental break could help you feel energised and ready to accomplish your goals. Microsoft founder Bill Gates has been going on a ‘Think Week’ vacation twice a year for decades. This break requires you to disconnect from your digital devices and seek solitude. The goal is to help you reconnect with yourself and focus on getting your creative juices flowing. Here are simple ways to get started and plan your 'think week'. All you need to know about a 'think week' You can design and plan a 'think week' in a way that is ideal for you. However, there are some basic parameters one should follow during this secluded, week-long retreat. Switching off from all digital devices is important. That means staying off social media and responding to email. Secondly, this is a journey you should make on your own so find a location where you can be left alone. The whole week should be dedicated to relaxation, creativity, and innovation. A change of environment and a break from everyday life in a distraction-free zone could help you to focus on yourself. This time could offer you a much-needed break you need, give your well-being a boost, and help you engage in activities you don't normally have time for. Choose the right location A retreat up in the mountains or a cabin by the lake may be the perfect place for a 'think week'. However, it may not be ideal. Do a little research and find a place that is convenient for you even if it is close to your home. It is important to pick a place that helps you feel calm, comfortable and closer to nature. Essential for your special trip Pack food items that you can easily prepare at the place you have chosen to stay. Make sure the food you pack is nourishing. Don't forget essentials like water, a first aid kit, and batteries. Pack clothes that are conducive for the weather, as well as health and safety items. You should also carry supplies to help you enjoy the week, like a book, painting supplies, or whatever you have been longing to try. Make sure to also carry a journal so you can make notes of ideas when the creativity starts flowing.