Signs of emotional maturity: Therapist shares

From clarifying to being curious, here are a few signs of emotional maturity.

In a relationship, being with an emotionally mature person is extremely important. With time, we try to open our minds to other things and let the world surprise us. But we also hold onto our own values and ideals, and strengthen our boundaries for our own good. When we are with an emotionally mature person, it gets easy to carry on a relationship through the challenges and the good times. With emotional maturity, comes the sense of understanding the other person and seeing their perspective for what it is. Emotional maturity also helps in respecting boundaries, while ensuring that our boundaries are safe as well.

A healthy and happy relationship is possible with an emotionally mature person, and it gets easier to sail through all kinds of times, be it good or bad. Addressing this, Psychotherapist Sara Kuburic noted down a few signs of emotional maturity that helps in having a better relationship.


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Clarification: We all overthink, and sometimes we all jump to conclusions, without going through the process of clarifying with the other person about the situation. However, emotional maturity is about having a mature conversation and understanding the perspective of the other person before making any kind of assumptions.

Vulnerability: in a relationship, it is natural to be vulnerable with each other. But an emotionally mature person knows the time and situation when they can be vulnerable.

Boundaries: Often people see boundaries as a way of rejection. However, with emotional maturity comes the sense of knowing that we all have certain boundaries and they should be respected at all times.

Curiosity: Being curious to know about things is natural – it starts to become toxic when the curiosity becomes judgmental. Emotional maturity involves being curious and having the urge to know things, without letting the cloud of judgment ruin it.

Conversations: Emotionally immature people have the habit of making every conversation about them. They always need that attention to get through in life. But emotionally mature people understand that everything is not about them and know how to have a healthy conversation.

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