Shubman Gill Sets the Record Straight on Viral Dating Clip

Shubman Gill has garnered attention not only for his cricketing skills but also due to speculations about his alleged romantic connections with Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan and Sara Tendulkar, the daughter of Sachin Tendulkar.

In addition to his superb cricketing abilities, Indian batsman Shubman Gill frequently makes news for his love life. Sara Tendulkar, the daughter of Sachin Tendulkar, and Shubman are rumoured to be dating. His dinner meetings with Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan last year, however, perplexed a lot of people. Internet users inquire as to whether Shubman is dating Sara Ali Khan or Sara Tendulkar.

Shubman Gill's unexpected answer

An old video of Shubman Gill responding to relationship accusations has recently gone viral online. Shubman had appeared on the Dil Diyan Gallan conversation show in Punjabi. The cricketer was challenged to identify the most physically fit Bollywood actress throughout the show. Shubman adopted the name Sara Ali Khan.

He was then asked whether he was dating ‘Sara,’ to which he replied, “May be." Host Sonam Bajwa then further asked him to reveal the truth and said, “Sara ka sara sach bolo,” to which Shubman answered, “sara da sara sach bol diya. May be, maybe not." Netizens were quick to ask Shubman in the comment section whether he was talking about Sara Ali Khan or Sara Tendulkar. One user wrote, “Give some clarification that Sara Tendulkar or Sara Ali khan." Another one said, “Which Sara… Tendulkar or Khan?"

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After a video of Sara Ali Khan and Shubman eating dinner together went viral in August of last year, relationship suspicions about the two started to circulate. A woman can be seen in the TikTok video spotting the actress with Shubman at Bastian in Mumbai. In a further video that surfaced in October, they are shown sitting together on a plane.

The Simba actress was speculated to be dating Kartik Aaryan before dating Shubman Gill, which she confirmed on Koffee With Karan 7.