Shah Rukh Khan gets Gauri Khan's age wrong at event, she corrects him. Watch

Shah Rukh Khan spoke at the book launch event of Gauri Khan. He shared how Gauri started her work on her own at 40.

Actor Shah Rukh Khan responded after his wife-interior designer Gauri Khan corrected him about her age when she started working. Speaking at the launch event of Gauri's coffee table book My Life in Design, Shah Rukh talked about how Gauri started her work on her own. He revealed that even though he offered to her help her, Gauri Khan didn't accept it.

Speaking at the event, Shah Rukh said, "It doesn't make a difference to all the youngsters, to all the people who miss out on a dream of their life to be creative. You can start at any age. I think Gauri started mid-40s." As Shah Rukh looked at Gauri, she corrected him saying that she started working at the age of 40.

Shah Rukh then made a face, smiled and said, "40? Oh, only 40. She is 37 now. In our family, we age backwards. So yes at 40 she started doing this at a time when I even told her, 'Listen, should I be helpful? I have some friends we can talk to them?' She said, 'No'. She started with a 10 feet by 20 feet shop in Lower Parel. She worked it all out on her own and continued doing what she does."


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Shah Rukh also spoke about Mannat, his sea-facing bungalow, which he called Gauri's first project as an interior designer. He said, “We managed to buy (Mannat). But, then we didn't have the money to furnish it. We called one designer, and the lunch that he served us was telling us how he would design this house. It was way more than the salary I used to earn in a month. So, we thought now that 'We have bought it, how do we do this house?'”

"Then I said, 'Gauri, you have artistic talent. Why don't you become the designer of the house?' Mannat started like that. The money that we earned over the years... We kept on buying small things. Once we had little money, we bought leather fur sofas... And all the small things we used to buy," Shah Rukh added.

At the event, Gauri said the book follows her journey as an interior designer and would come handy for any budding decorator. Published by Penguin Random House, My Life in Design charts out her journey as a designer with exclusive pictures of her and her family - Shah Rukh, Aryan Khan, Suhana Khan and AbRam Khan.

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