Routines to elevate your life

“There are different parts of your life that need routines, but you don't have to create them all at once,” suggested Therapist Israa Nasir.

All of us have certain routines in our lives that make our lives easier. Routines help us to plan the day ahead and keep slots for the necessary things that we need to do – professionally and personally. “Routines make your life easier, not harder. So, embrace the power of routines. They offer a steady foundation to support your growth,” Therapist Israa Nasir spoke of the importance of routines in our lives.

Social routine: This helps us in connecting with the loved ones, once a week, or catch up with a friend once a day. It keeps us connected to the people we care about.

Healthcare routine: Having regular health checkups and making health a priority for ourselves is an important routine to have.

Personal routine: Being lazy and spending some time with ourselves, or doing the things we love, are parts of personal routine.

Movement routine: Movement routine ensures that we have a workout routine, such as a gym routine or yoga to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

Daily routine: The routine that we have in place from morning and night which involves waking up, having proper food, going to work and coming back, is also important to be in place.

Rest routine: This involves resting our mind and body, from pursuing a passion to having adequate sleep at night.

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