Richest authors of the world

These authors have made millions out of the written word.

Who says the written word is a lost art? Look at all the movies that have been adapted from books. There are many who try to influence the art but only a few make it monetarily. Being a millionaire author means your book has to be read by millions which gives it the kind of popularity. Sometimes it works the other way around as well. Like John Green’s Fault in our Stars gained impetus after the movie adaptation crossed box office hit. Either way, one’s a writer’s book has been recognized, it would mean big bucks for them.

In case you are wondering who the richest authors in the world right now, here is a list.

  1. Elisabeth Badinter – A French philosopher and an equal rights feminist, Badinter was termed “France’s most influential intellectual”. Her highly feminist topic that highlights the most basic of conflicts made her a famous intellectual personality. She is a liberal feminist and works for migrant workers’ rights in France. Badinter’s net worth is 1.3 billion.
  2. J K Rowling – Rowling’s rags-to-riches story is familiar to all. Rowling, with seven Harry Potter novels under her belt, including rights to the Fantastic Beasts franchise, Tony Award for screenplay of The Cursed Child and theme parks, making her the second billionaire on the list worth 1 billion.
  3. James Patterson – Patterson had been leading the list as the richest author of the world since 2001 but was overtaken by Rowling. Patterson authors many books throughout the year, and CBS adapting two of his books. His most famous books are commercially viable with a net worth of 560 million. His most famous books are Along came a spider, I Funny.
  4. Stephen King – The king of horror-thriller Stephen King ranks fourth on the list. It movie adaptations flowed in enough revenue to make him one of the richest authors of the world. King is mostly known for his psychological horror genre that crafts quite well with the readers.
  5. Nora Roberts – Nora Roberts re-wrote the rules of romance novels, charting her course to the top of best-selling authors. She is uncaring about her popularity, talks of expectations from a romance novel and how critical the literary world is of the genre. Her Chasing Fire, One Day all celebrate the fact that reading out of pleasure is a valid thing. Her net worth is about 390 million.

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