Retired Captain Claims Mystery UFO Attack on US Air Force Base

A retired US Air Force captain shared a recollection of a harrowing experience during which his nuclear missile base was allegedly “under attack from a UFO.”

According to the account provided by a retired US Air Force captain, there was a reported incident where his nuclear missile base experienced a frightening encounter with a UFO. During this event, the guards on duty allegedly reacted with fear, screaming, and incoherent speech due to the close proximity of the unidentified object.

The retired captain claims that this incident was kept from public knowledge for over five decades. It is important to note that the authenticity and veracity of such claims are often subject to debate and skepticism.

Robert Salas, the retired US Air Force captain, was indeed stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana in 1967.

As it happened

In March 1967, Salas and his colleagues at Malmstrom Air Force Base witnessed the presence of eight orange-coloured lights hovering over the base, which housed a total of 10 nuclear missiles.

According to Robert’s account, a craft with an oval shape emerged from within the lights, causing the guards to panic and seek shelter. He further described how this unidentified craft seemingly disabled all the nuclear missiles at the site.

Captain’s statement

During National Geographic’s new series UFOs: Investigating the Unknown, the retired captain said, “I kind of dismissed it. I even said: ‘You mean like UFOs?’ About five minutes later, he calls back he is screaming. When I hung up the phone, I thought we were under attack. We could see the lights going from green to red all across the board, meaning the missiles were inoperable.”

Following the incident, a significant portion of the United States’ nuclear capability was reportedly neutralized. Surprisingly, no official investigation was conducted into the matter, and the personnel involved were required to sign documents committing them to strict secrecy. It is worth noting that the US Air Force terminated its UFO investigation after a span of three years, asserting that no reported sightings were deemed to pose a threat.

“That was certainly a lie,” Robert added.


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