Remakes that are better than original movies

Remakes have often turned out to be disappointing, not every time though! With an increasing demand from the audiences, movie directors try to satiate it by producing a sequel or a remake of their original films, which either hits the box office or flops miserably. The perception that remakes are nothing new, have been changed shortly after certain movie remakes, that have totally engaged the audience so much that they could not get their eyes off it. The Maltese Falcon The 1931 adaptation of this movie that starred Ricardo Cortez and Bebe Daniels featuring Sam Spade the famed detective, had its remake made in 1941. The movie was taken from Dashiell Hammet’s novel, but could not pass through the censor board. Thereafter a comic version of the movie was remade in 1941 that remained unforgettable, starring Mary Astor, Humphrey Bogart. The remake did not involve much of any sexual innuendo that the first version did and thus the remake became a bigger hit soon after its release obtaining the perfect critic point. The Ten Commandments This movie was initially released in the year 1923, and was made as a silent picture by Cecil DeMille. In 1956, the biblical movie epic turned out to be the most expensive of the movies ever made. The movie was also viewed as one of the best films ever created, by the film critics. James Powers, a Hollywood Reporter of the time, stated that there will be no other movie like the one made in 1956, and even called it to be sublime. Cecil B. DeMille again takes all the credit for this masterpiece remake of his own movie. The Ring Believe it or not, The Ring has given a tough competition to its original version which was made in Japan in 1998 by Hideo Nakata. It is known that Japanese filmmakers have a good success rate in terms of the horror movie genre, however the 2002 American remake was no less. It went out to be one of the highest earning horror movie remakes, rendering sleepless nights to audiences, of course! Insomnia The first version of this movie was created by Erik Skjoldbjærg in 1997. Later the movie was remade by director genius Christopher Nolan in 2002. Is there any more explanation needed about the greatness of the film that has Nolan as the director? Well, not to be left unmentioned, the remake starred Al Pacino (another Hollywood gem) and Robin Williams. This psychological thriller was praised highly for its cinematography and screenplay. Scent of a Woman In 1974, an Italian movie Profumo Di Donna earned quite a good attention from the audience, being nominated for about two categories in the Oscars. The 1992 remake of the movie was made by Martin Brest, featuring Al Pacino. The movie hit the box office immensely, so much that even today anyone would just love to sit and give it a watch. Having named just a few movie remakes, the list does not end here. A Star is Born, Ocean’s Eleven, Scarface, are some of the other brilliant remakes that one should not miss to watch if they haven’t.