Regular Computer User? Tips To Keep Your Body Straight

Keep your back perfect 

Computer work may not be an active job, but it can surely affect the body badly. After all, when someone sits at a desk for hours on end, it is more likely to experience physical and mental stress. Sitting all day can also increase the risk for chronic health issues like type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease and so on. But don’t worry. Here are some useful tips for better health.

  1. Give your eyes a break

One of the many problems of staring at a screen all day is that your eyes tend to blink less, which is the reason for eye dryness. Besides, staring at a screen all day causes eyes to strain, which can lead to headaches, shoulder pain, blurry vision, neck pain etc.

To avoid that, for each 20 minutes spent staring at a screen, you must look at an object at least 20 ft away for a few seconds while blinking frequently. This helps relieve eye strain. You also need to take a 15 minute break after each 2 hours of screen time and use water when your eyes are dry. You can keep eye drops on the desk for such reasons.

  1. Practice right sitting posture

Poor posture can put pressure on the muscles and joints, which causes balance issues, fatigue, and back and neck pain. It can also make movements like walking or exercising or other kinds of daily activities uncomfortable.

Try to maintain your body and spine in a neutral position. Keep your head, neck, and torso upright. Place your feet flat on the ground to support your legs. If your feet do not reach the floor, use a footrest.

  1. Reach for healthy snacks

Snacking can keep you satiated between meals. It also stabilizes blood sugar, gives enough strength to conquer the day. But not that junk food or packs of chips. Instead, reach for snacks with protein, high-quality fat. This will supply long-lasting energy, supporting your focus during the whole day. You can have yogurt with berries and honey or pear slices and peanut butter.

  1. Drink lots of liquid

Even when you’re sitting all day, staying hydrated is crucial. Throughout the day, we continuously lose water by sweating and other normal bodily functions. Staying hydrated will help to balance for the whole day.

Not only water. Other kinds of healthy drinks like coconut water or a smoothie made with hydrating fruits and veggies, or cucumber and carrots can more or less work the same.


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